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Willunga Churches and Christian Community Activities...


Coast and Vines Church...

(old Willunga Hardware store, 12-14 Aldinga Rd, Willunga)

1. Celebration Services: Sundays 10am.

2. "Home Grown" connect groups: Willunga and Aldinga... 7pm Tuesdays (fortnightly)

2. "Prayer Works"and "Heavens Gate" worship: 12-14 Aldinga Rd, Willunga... 7pm Tuesdays (alternate fortnights)

3. Youth:  Saturdays 7pm, 12-14 Aldinga Rd, Willunga (fortnightly)

3. Young adults:  various Sunday afternoons

4. "The Attic" op shop: Wed-Sat, 12 Aldinga Rd, Willunga

    Wed to Fri 9.30am to 3pm (Thur open til 4.30pm), and Sat 8.30am to 1pm

Contact details:

Pastors Rod and Alice Dowie, 0427 221 126

Postal Address: Box 189, Willunga SA, 5172

Email: coastandvines@bigpond.com



St Stephen's Anglican Church...

St Andrews Tce, Willunga.

1. Service Time: Saturdays 5.30pm.

2. Pastoral Care and Counselling

Contact Details: 

Parish Priest: Fr Paul Devenport  08 8323 9744

Fax... 08 08 8323 0194

Postal address... PO Box 306, McLaren Vale 5171

Priests Warden... Ted Sandercock  08 08 8556 4535

Emergency Welfare: refer to Anglicare SA Family Centre South, 1 William St, Morphett Vale

Cemetery: Aldinga Rd, outskirts of Willunga township.

                Curator... Julie 0402 333 844



St Josephs Catholic Church...  This year celebrating 160 years - 1850 - 2010

St Judes St, Willunga...

Service Times: Mass on 1st/3rd/5th Sunday... 8.30am.

                                   - 2nd/4th Sunday... 10.30am.

Contact Details:

Office Hours... Tuesday: 12.00noon - 4.00pm
                    Friday:       8.30am - 12.30pm
 Outside these hours/in an emergency - contact Noarlunga Parish Office: 08 8382 1717

Phone...  08 8556 2132

Postal address... PO Box 14, Willunga 5172

Email... swcp@tpg.com.au
Parish Priest
... Father Charles Gauci  08 8382 1717

Cemetery: south of the church

               Curator... David Manders  08 08 8556 5667



Willunga Uniting Church...

St Judes St (cnr St Andrew's Tce), Willunga.

1. Service Times: Sundays 10.30am and Sunday School.  As always our Sunday worship time...  is a time for reflection, celebration and communion with God and each other.

    - Access For wheelchairs.

2. Discussion Groups: have formed which focus on many topical issues eg. Immigration, poverty, discipline, lifestyle issues etc. The diversity reflecting the wide cross section of people and experience.

    - A Friday Group uses a text called ‘With Love to the World’.

    - A Tuesday Group focuses on Refugees and Immigration issues amongst other topics.

    - Other groups also meet on different days. These discussion groups are a chance to share faith stories and talk about things that affect our lives every day.

3. Youth Group:

Contact Details:

Office Answering Machine: 08 08 8556 2650

Email: willungauca@yahoo.com

Rev Nicholas Randall - Leave Nick a message on (08) 08 8556 2650

Congregation Chairperson: Lois Gepp 08 08 8557 4182

Secretary & Hall Hire Bookings: Judy Visser 08 08 8556 4292

Postal address... PO Box 307, Willunga 5172

Cemetery: at rear of church and also Strout Place Cemetery, Strout Rd, Willunga

                 Curator... Pauline Giles 08 08 8556 2194



Christian Meditation...

St Joseph's Church, St Jude St, Willunga.

Time: Every Sunday… 5-6pm

Contact:  08 08 8556 4686


Take Ten...

Willunga Uniting Church, St Judes St (cnr St Andrews Tce), Willunga.

Feeling tired? Feeling drained? Work stresses weighing you down. Take time out with God for ten minutes before heading home at Willunga Uniting Church.

Time: The church is open Wednesdays... 6pm to 7pm.

A place to go and reflect and recharge. Guided meditations are available.

Feedback has shown this time has been appreciated. This valuable pit stop before getting home really revives and renews.

Contact: Margaret Bennett 08 08 8556 7288


Willunga Christmas Tree Festival...

St Judes St (cnr St Andrew's Tce), Willunga.

See "Festivals, Fairs and Markets" for details.

Time: Late November - early December.

Contact Details:

Jenny Esots  08 08 8556 2758

Annette Boulden 08 08 8556 4023


Combined Christian Community...  Willunga & District

FREE activities & games at Willunga Almond Blossom Festivals…

Local Willunga and district churches and Christian community work together as one to provide an exciting array of FREE fun Activities, Games and Entertainment catering for the whole family at the Willunga Almond Blossom Festival. 

It's an exciting time when we, as a diverse group, work together as one to embrace the broader community to provide friendship, enjoyment and an opportunity to get together and talk about the important issues in the local area, while having lots of fun.

The initiative was founded in 2006 and was developed with the assistance and support of Fusion Australia.  Fusion continue to organise and man the centre games.  The Combined Christian Community man the activity shelters/tents and the tea and coffee.  The activities are provided both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Sunday morning we enter a float in the festival parade.

Feedback from previous years has encouraged the organizers to expand the involvement to include more churches, Christian organisations and schools from the region. 

A large area of the Willunga Recreation Park oval will be transformed into a fun park. The last few years have seen an increasing number of family members, both young and old, come together to participate in a diverse range of activities including Games (Box hockey, footy toss, board games), Craft activates ('kids carpentry', balloon sculpting, bubble blowing), Circus skills (stilt walking, juggling), and good old community competitions like egg & spoon, sack race, 3 legged race, tug of war and much more.

There are even activities for the 'Giants' of our community including giant jigsaw, giant snakes and ladders and giant match puzzle.

"We are looking forward to this great community activity being a catalyst for more combined Christian community activities throughout the year to support the district's families and community", said Phil.

Thankyou to all who have helped since it's inception in 2006. The organizers are seeking expressions of interest from the regional Christian community for activity helpers and also people who just want to hang out and chat with the visitors to this exciting event. We look forward to helpers of all ages and interests becoming involved as there is something for everybody to do.

Contact Details:

Coordinators: Phil Boulden  08 08 8556 4023  /  0423 710 145

                   Rilda Offe  08 08 8556 2554.


Fusion Australia...

Noarlunga Farm, Coppermine Road, McLaren Vale.

Fusion Australia is a Christian Youth and Community Organisation that works with the Willunga Christian Community to run family activities at the Willunga Almond Blossom Festival.

In February 2007, Fusion launched its Connexions 4 Life and Work Project working in conjunction with southern schools including Willunga High School and local businesses.

Fusion manages the project from its southern centre at Noarlunga Farm, Coppermine Road, near McLaren Vale’s business centre. Facilities at the centre include a workshop for training in woodwork and a garage for training in auto-mechanics.

The aim is to provide training and resources that prepare young people to have a meaningful and productive work experience in a real life industry setting.

This programme is an initiative of the Government of South Australia delivered in partnership with the Southern Innovative Community Action Network.  Partial funding was been provided for 2007 with the aim that in 2008 the project would be be self-sustaining.

For more information about this project or any other aspect of Fusion’s work call us.

Fusion currently has a number of volunteer positions available including woodworking tradesperson, van driver and maintenance person, desktop publisher, equipment maintenance/handyperson, administration assistance and grounds-person.

Contact Details:

Fusion’s State Office: Stephanie Turvey

Email: adelaidesouth@fusion.org.au



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